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Who We Are

Bolama Art's Fruits

I’m Maria. I was born on the island of Bolama Region, Guinea-Bissau.
I am a very cheerful, respectful and sentimental person, hardworking, talkative, outgoing, sociable and who likes to help and share what is good but as long as I do not abuse my virtues.
Since I was a child I have a passion for the Arts and I have the ability for different Arts (decorating, cooking, dancing, reading poetry and more …)
I started to develop my taste for art in Lisbon, Portugal but after coming to America, I won more strength and willingness to work hard in the Art of decorating fruit, because it is something that gives me the pleasure and I feel happy.
So, then I decided to work on it and do my business in that industry.

Our Services


Fruits can be used to create items that are meant for a decorative purpose. We offer fruits carving at weddings, parties and receptions.


Our fruit platters are all freshly prepared to order. Need to customize the size of your platter? That’s our pleasure. 


To set up a table, whether would that be for a Big or a Small Event, or a simple family meeting, Baloma Fruit’s Art is your best option.

Specials Arts

Made with Love

Reservation & Same Day Delivery

Bolama Fruit’s Art is the act of preparing, cooking and presenting food in creative ways.  It incorporates everything from elaborate plating that we see in fine dining establishments to both simple and intricate fruit and vegetable carvings that are meant to be decorative in nature.

Some of Our Job